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  • Beautiful skies

    Beautiful skies

    I saw these mesmerizing skies above at the Chase Center The sky is adorned with cirrostratus clouds, which are high-altitude clouds that appear as long, thin bands stretched across the sky. These clouds often create a hazy veil that covers the sky, giving it a fibrous, streaked appearance, and are known for creating a halo…

  • Cruise Robotaxi Service Under Scrutiny

    Cruise Robotaxi Service Under Scrutiny

    CBS reports General Motors’ self-driving robotaxi service, Cruise, is in the spotlight for the alleged cover-up of an accident in San Francisco. California regulators are considering imposing a $1.5 million fine after a Cruise vehicle was involved in an incident on October 2, striking a pedestrian who had already been hit by another car. This…

  • Tsukemen at Taishoken

    Tsukemen at Taishoken

    After trying various ramen attempts in Mexico City, we found ourselves craving the authentic taste we remembered. Tsukemen, also known as dipping ramen, consists of two separate bowls: one with thick, chewy noodles, and the other with a rich, concentrated broth. The magic happens when you dip the noodles into the broth, allowing you to…

  • Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco

    Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco

    Back at home, we decided to visit Dandelion Chocolate in the vibrant Mission District. The artisanal chocolate factory’s along Valencia Street. Dandelion Chocolate was founded by Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring in 2010. These two chocolate enthusiasts embarked on a mission to bring high-quality, bean-to-bar chocolate to San Francisco. Walking into Dandelion Chocolate on Valencia…

  • Property taxes in 2023

    Owning a home in San Francisco, especially when it’s your primary residence, comes with its unique challenges, not least of which is grappling with property taxes. If you’re like me, the arrival of that annual tax bill can send stress levels soaring. Ad Valorem Taxes The assessed value is typically set at the purchase price…

  • Visiting Grocery Outlet

    Visiting Grocery Outlet

    We just returned from a trip to Mexico, where the vibrant markets of Mexico City left an indelible impression on us. Back in San Francisco, we decided to visit our local Grocery Outlet, curious to see how it compared with the bustling markets of Mexico. The first thing we noticed was the abundance of pozole.…

  • Waymo’s Self-Driving Car in San Francisco

    Waymo’s Self-Driving Car in San Francisco

    San Francisco’s vibrant streets just got more futuristic with Waymo’s self-driving Jaguar I-PACE. We booked the vehicle through Waymo’s app. Boarding is pretty straightforward, the car didn’t stop at where we indicated and we had to go to the adjacent block to board. There’s an interactive screen offers options including music selection. You can set…

  • Views from Bernal Heights and Dolores Heights

    Views from Bernal Heights and Dolores Heights

    Dolores Heights offers a somewhat more urban view, framed by quintessential San Francisco homes. From this vantage point, Salesforce Tower not only dominates the skyline but also becomes part of the neighborhood’s own unique aesthetic. Perched atop a hill, Bernal Heights Park is a local favorite for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle…

  • Foggy day at Bernal Heights

    Foggy day at Bernal Heights

    On a foggy day at Bernal Heights, the iconic San Francisco fog turns the hilltop into a surreal landscape of muted hues and softened features. As evening falls, the Salesforce Tower glows, piercing the fog with modern elegance, adding a sense of beauty to the gray.

  • Fa Lun Gong folks are here

    Fa Lun Gong folks are here

    Near the Ferry Building, you may have noticed an increasing presence of Falun Gong practitioners in public spaces around our community. Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a spiritual practice that originated in China in the early ’90s. Comprised of moral teachings, meditation, and exercise, it aims to improve mind and body. The…

  • The Handcrafted, Organic Dog Treat Your Pet Will Love

    The Handcrafted, Organic Dog Treat Your Pet Will Love

    Looking for a dog treat that’s as special as your furry friend? Look no further than MISHKA, a San Francisco-based boutique crafting gourmet, organic treats for your pet. Why settle for mass-produced, artificial snacks when you can offer handcrafted, human-grade goodness? Quality in Every Bite Founded in 2018, MISHKA believes that dogs deserve treats as…

  • It’s raining heavily

    Almost everyday! Stay safe everyone.

  • Mikkeller Bar San Francisco Shuts Its Doors in October 2022: An End of an Era in the Tenderloin

    What a pity. Mikkeller has always been known for its great variety and was a fun place to hang out. The pandemic’s impact on local businesses is still unfolding, and it’s unfortunate we don’t know how it specifically affected this establishment. MIKKELLER BAR SAN FRANCISCO CLOSES OCTOBER 2022 The gastropub in the heart of the…

  • All Out SF on week of Oct 16

    If you’re free between October 16th and 23rd, 2022, do check out AllOutSF. Key highlights: Outdoors Day on Monday: Walk a portion or the entirety of the new SF Crosstown Trail on your own or with some of our special guests throughout the day. Small Business Day (Tuesday): Heading to these shops in Mission: The…

  • Random finds at Costco

    Random finds at Costco

    Found a Brewer’s Advent Calendar at San Francisco Costco. Not the traditional Chinese mooncake I have in mind but why not? I’m up for chocolates for sure.

  • Halloween in San Francisco

    We didn’t do much for Halloween at all. Have been busy painting our kitchen even at night! Happy Halloween everyone!

  • San Francisco temporarily closed its only In-N-Out

    The San Francisco Department of Public Health closed In-N-Out on Oct. 14 because employees were not properly checking for customers’ vaccination documentation, the burger chain said in a statement. In-N-Out said it properly posted signs of local vaccination requirements but refuses to strictly enforce them. “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,”…

  • Clinton Kane held at gunpoint in Marina

    What a crazy experience it must’ve been. A popular singer-songwriter and TikTok star, in town to shoot a music video and documentary for his new album, says he and his crew were held up at gunpoint and robbed of their gear. He and two friends had just arrived in the city Friday afternoon. After parking…

  • Judy Chicago in de young museum

    Forever de Young: A Judy Chicago Performance started October 16, 2021, between 5:45 pm and 6 pm. de Young Museum is located at 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118. Judy Chicago is an American feminist artist, art educator, and writer known for her large collaborative art installation pieces about birth and creation…

  • Cute SFFD building

    Caught this gem at Mission Rock. What a cute building!

  • Fleet week in San Francisco

    Fleet Week SF happened in Oct 9 and Oct 10 of 2021. It’s exciting to see them back again. We didn’t have it last year due to COVID-19 restrictions. It was such a visual and auditory feast, with the Patriots Jets and the Blue Angels stealing the show. Trust me, my ears needed a break…