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  • Dogs, watch out!

    Dogs, watch out!

    This is pretty cute and kind reminder to be courteous to our neighbors. There has been some less considerate dog owners of late.

  • Wire poles in Mission

    Wire poles in Mission

    The Mission District skies are usually a sight to behold, but these wire poles can sometimes distract from their natural beauty. Could there be a more aesthetic solution that maintains functionality? Cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam have managed to maintain a cleaner skyline; maybe San Francisco could take a cue from them.

  • San Francisco’s version of Hachiko

    San Francisco’s version of Hachiko

    Absolutely random today. Found a dog statue and baggage.

  • Look at the murals

    Look at the murals

    These are so adorable! This used to be Here Collective and they run some events sometimes. I don’t know if they still are active today.