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  • Oaxacan Flavors on Calle 24

    Oaxacan Flavors on Calle 24

    Check out Donaji for some Oaxaca flavors. The restaurant’s approach to Mexican food—with a nod to vegetarian and pescatarian options—offered a refreshing variety. The space itself mirrored the food: bright and inviting. Lots of colors in the space. These are tostadas topped with scrambled eggs, avocado slices, red onion. The quesadilla was a savory hit,…

  • Tsukemen at Taishoken

    Tsukemen at Taishoken

    After trying various ramen attempts in Mexico City, we found ourselves craving the authentic taste we remembered. Tsukemen, also known as dipping ramen, consists of two separate bowls: one with thick, chewy noodles, and the other with a rich, concentrated broth. The magic happens when you dip the noodles into the broth, allowing you to…

  • Cute robotic building

    Cute robotic building

    Right next to Cherin’s Appliance stands out with its eye-catching facade painted to resemble a giant robot head: It’s not a Diego Rivera but it fits the character of the city!

  • Someone didn’t like the bike lanes

    Someone didn’t like the bike lanes

    It looks like the SF Small Business Coalition is against having the Valencia bike lanes. Personally I really like that it’s there and I could get used to having it in the center actually. Here’s the general views of the San Francisco Small Business Coalition (SFSBC). They are rallying against the Valencia Quick Build Project…

  • Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco

    Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco

    Back at home, we decided to visit Dandelion Chocolate in the vibrant Mission District. The artisanal chocolate factory’s along Valencia Street. Dandelion Chocolate was founded by Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring in 2010. These two chocolate enthusiasts embarked on a mission to bring high-quality, bean-to-bar chocolate to San Francisco. Walking into Dandelion Chocolate on Valencia…

  • Visiting Grocery Outlet

    Visiting Grocery Outlet

    We just returned from a trip to Mexico, where the vibrant markets of Mexico City left an indelible impression on us. Back in San Francisco, we decided to visit our local Grocery Outlet, curious to see how it compared with the bustling markets of Mexico. The first thing we noticed was the abundance of pozole.…

  • Taqueria Vallarta reopening

    Taqueria Vallarta, a cherished local eatery in the heart of our community, has recently reopened its doors in the Mission after a lengthy closure of over six months. The closure was linked to health department concerns, prompting the owners to undertake extensive cleaning. Patrons of Vallarta have long praised the authenticity of its offerings, likening…

  • Views from Bernal Heights and Dolores Heights

    Views from Bernal Heights and Dolores Heights

    Dolores Heights offers a somewhat more urban view, framed by quintessential San Francisco homes. From this vantage point, Salesforce Tower not only dominates the skyline but also becomes part of the neighborhood’s own unique aesthetic. Perched atop a hill, Bernal Heights Park is a local favorite for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle…

  • Boba at Mission

    Boba at Mission

    In the vibrant Mission District, on the corner of 18th and San Carlos, lies a hidden gem for boba enthusiasts – Brew Cha. This quaint spot offers a refreshing break from the usual taco trail, inviting you to indulge in a world of creamy and inventive boba creations. The Ube Taro Latte with Oat Milk…

  • Found a new graphic novel shop

    Found a new graphic novel shop

    Silver Sprocket is at 1018 Valencia St. This might be a pop up. I haven’t noticed this around before!

  • Chesa Boudin at KQED

    Chesa Boudin at KQED

    We went to KQED today to hear more about Chesa Boudin: Love the space they have and it’s cool to see the DA in person and listening to the interview. Of course there’s a demonstration outside: The evening left us pondering deep questions about justice, governance, and the media’s role in shaping public perception.

  • Cesar Chavez Day and festival in the Mission

    Cesar Chavez Day and festival in the Mission

    The vibrant streets of the Mission District in San Francisco are bustling more than ever as the community comes together to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day. The air is filled with excitement and a sense of unity, as people from all walks of life gather to honor an iconic figure in American civil rights history. Cesar…

  • Matcha at Stonemill

    Matcha at Stonemill

    Stonemill Matcha enjoys a location close to Mission 16 St BART station. If you’re looking for tea and some cheesecake they do not disappoint. Prices are on the higher side. Their indoor dining is pretty nice with a short 15 minute wait on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Happy Día de Muertos

    “Día de Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” is a time-honored celebration, rich in tradition and cultural significance. While some may hesitate to pair the word “Happy” with this observance, the essence of Día de Muertos is indeed a joyful and respectful remembrance of loved ones who have passed away. I’m influenced partly by movies…

  • Frida Kahlo and tax

    Frida Kahlo and tax

    Love the beautiful art work of Frida Kahlo right outside City Tax which I assume are tax accountants.

  • Brazilian food at Cafe Valencia

    Brazilian food at Cafe Valencia

    Today, we ventured out for brunch at Cafe Valencia, nestled in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District. The place not only serves delicious food but also doubles as an adorable grocery store. One must-try is the Coxinha, a classic Brazilian treat filled with chicken and cream cheese. It’s irresistibly good and a true staple of Brazilian…

  • Atlas Cafe at Alabama

    Atlas Cafe at Alabama

    Oh and every Saturday there’s Titans of Comedy at Atlas Cafe. Check out the next event on October 23.

  • Mission Block Party!

    Noise Pop organized the Mission Block Party, it’s happening right now: Love the music !

  • Car used in Sept 19 Mission sideshow jailed

    Sideshows have been a headache in Mission District. I’m glad the San Francisco Police Department is stepping up their game in deterring sideshows. San Francisco police step up sideshow crackdown. The police towed away the car of a Pittsburg man after it was seen doing stunts. The police towed away the car of a Pittsburg…

  • 1161 York St for sale

    I walk past this building everyday. Very tastefully built and available at $3.495M. I like that it’s so close to spots like Taqueria San Francisco and it has a garage. Check this place out more via Zillow. Deftly renovated in 2018 by an architect/builder, this Queen Anne Victorian was attentively composed into an eloquent &…

  • Happy 4th July everyone!

    It’s so festive today. I have the privilege to watching fireworks with so many neighbors! Feeling festive and grateful today!