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  • York Street Café in Embarcadero closed

    York Street Café in Embarcadero closed

    York Street Café has been a beacon of innovation and community in San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center. Anand, the heart and soul behind YSC, recently announced its temporary closure via Instagram, marking a bittersweet moment for its loyal patrons. They are famous for its ‘Pandan in Paradise’. Despite its successes, the downtown location posed challenges. Limited…

  • A Visit to York Street Cafe at Embarcadero

    A Visit to York Street Cafe at Embarcadero

    With a mission to revitalize downtown San Francisco, Vacant to Vibrant focuses on repurposing unused or abandoned spaces into dynamic venues. Through community participation, these spaces metamorphose into vibrant locales that not only serve the local residents but also attract visitors from far and wide. While the BART ride over was surprisingly empty, the cafe…

  • Brazilian food at Cafe Valencia

    Brazilian food at Cafe Valencia

    Today, we ventured out for brunch at Cafe Valencia, nestled in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District. The place not only serves delicious food but also doubles as an adorable grocery store. One must-try is the Coxinha, a classic Brazilian treat filled with chicken and cream cheese. It’s irresistibly good and a true staple of Brazilian…

  • Atlas Cafe at Alabama

    Atlas Cafe at Alabama

    Oh and every Saturday there’s Titans of Comedy at Atlas Cafe. Check out the next event on October 23.

  • Trip to Killiney Kopitiam

    If you ever visited Singapore or are from Singapore, you’ll definitely heard of Killiney. It’s a pretty well-known chain of cafes from Singapore. Killiney Kopitiam opened an outlet in the Bay Area and serves popular Singapore dishes such as laksa, Hainanese pork chop rice and char kway teow (stirred fried flat noodles). And yep that’s…