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  • Early Bird Gets the Croissant at Arsicault Bakery

    Early Bird Gets the Croissant at Arsicault Bakery

    Arsicault Bakery is a gem that demands an early visit. With doors opening to the aroma of fresh pastries, the wise arrive at the crack of dawn. Their acclaimed croissants vanish quickly, as eager fans line up, unwavering in their pastry pursuit. To enhance the experience, a stop at Breck’s for coffee pairs perfectly with…

  • Team bonding box

    Teamraderie is pretty cool especially during the COVID-19 remote work period. My coworker got this and is so kind to share. This package consists of assorted tea tasting brought to you by the folks of Tartine Bakery.

  • Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Singapore

    It’s a somber time for foodies and dessert lovers. I’m disheartened to share that Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Larkin St has closed its doors, presumably another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Known for their Instagram-worthy cupcakes, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse was a place that brought both visual delight and mouth-watering tastes. The loss of this bakery…