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  • Lots of scammers lately

    I’ve been receiving a lot of these SMS scams lately all pretending to be USPS. Please don’t fall onto these scammer tricks. Speaking of Informed Delivery, I actually still don’t have that. I’m not sure how to get that as my address is always marked not available for Informed Delivery. I live in Mission, wondering […]

  • It’s raining heavily

    Almost everyday! Stay safe everyone.

  • Central Subway opens in November

    Well at least a soft opening is coming. I wished the Union Square Station is connected to the Powell Station without having to get out of the fare gate. SFMTA announces November 19 soft opening for long-awaited Central Subway Muni’s subway service extension between Chinatown and Mission Bay in San Francisco finally has an opening […]

  • Rain season is here

    It’s been raining the whole day in San Francisco Bay Area. This is pretty unusual amount of rain! Remember the turn on the headlights when it’s raining. It’s not an option, it’s required by law to turn on your headlights when the visibility is low.

  • Free weekend BART tickets!

    Free weekend BART tickets!

    This is pretty cool. Free rides if you sign up at the BART website. You can visit somewhere far out for free and enjoy for a weekend.

  • Found a new graphic novel shop

    Found a new graphic novel shop

    Silver Sprocket is at 1018 Valencia St. This might be a pop up. I haven’t noticed this around before!

  • Manzanar is so educational

    Manzanar is so educational

    Manzanar is used for interning Japanese during World War II. If you ever get a chance of visiting Inyo County, be sure to check that out!

  • We need some signs

    We need some signs

    Took this in Redwood City. Look at the number of signs!

  • Fencing operations in San Francisco

    Yet another positive development on identifying criminals who are aiding the car thefts. Again in Tenderloin. I’m personally been to this Quickly before and it’s looks rundown and takes only cash. I never thought this would be home for a fencing operation front. S.F. boba shop was a front for an international car-burglary operation, D.A. […]

  • San Francisco temporarily closed its only In-N-Out

    The San Francisco Department of Public Health closed In-N-Out on Oct. 14 because employees were not properly checking for customers’ vaccination documentation, the burger chain said in a statement. In-N-Out said it properly posted signs of local vaccination requirements but refuses to strictly enforce them. “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” […]