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  • Transforming our bedroom with new floating floors

    Transforming our bedroom with new floating floors

    When it comes to flooring, we had specific requirements in mind: durability, aesthetics, and compatibility with floor heating. Lifeproof checked all these boxes. Its engineered hardwood design means that it’s constructed to handle the daily wear and tear, while still maintaining the rich, authentic look of natural wood. We start off with one corner of…

  • Remodeling our back porch

    Remodeling our back porch

    We’ve recently embarked on an exciting home improvement project—remodeling our back porch! One of the major changes we’re making is replacing the old door, and we can’t wait for the new one to be installed. Our contractors were busy adding the flashing at the bottom of the door, a crucial step to ensure durability and…

  • What a hot afternoon

    What a hot afternoon

    We finished all the remaining watermelon we had. What a way to spend summer.

  • Heating up pizza with Ninja Grill

    Equipment Ninja Foodi Food Pizza, room temperature Time 2 mins Grill Setting 3 of 4

  • My First Shokupan Adventure: Lessons from Baking Japanese Milk Bread

    My First Shokupan Adventure: Lessons from Baking Japanese Milk Bread

    So, I’m a bit late to the shokupan (Japanese milk bread) game, but hey, better late than never, right? Despite overkneading the dough, underproofing during bulk fermentation, and overproofing during the second rise—I still ended up with a loaf that exceeded my expectations. I’ve learnt a couple of things: I used the Ninja Indoor Grill…

  • Multiplying succulents

    Multiplying succulents

    We’ve been trying grow and spread our succulents after learning all it takes to grow succulent is a small bit of its leaf! We are also trying to transplant a small bulb help it grow bigger too.

  • What we used to paint

    Here are the paints we use: BEHR MULTI-SURFACE STAIN-BLOCKING PRIMER & SEALER Behr PREMIUM PLUS® INTERIOR CEILING PAINT Behr Marquee Interior We use KILZ® PVA DRYWALL PRIMER. We use Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus Electric Stationary Airless Paint Sprayer and the results have been amazing: Also picked up one of these lamps from Costco to…

  • Painting our kitchen

    So our dry wall is in and it’s time to paint our kitchen. We did a bunch of prep work to shield the ceiling from being spray-painted. We also stuffed paper into our electric socket to prevent accidental spray painting. What’s really hard is how tall our ceilings are. Mad respect for painters. This is…

  • Drywall mudding for the day

    Initially we intended to do the drywall by ourselves when we have more of patching to do than full drywall work. Later we realized a lot of the plaster and lath we had are not in good condition due to the vibrations during various installations. We opted to hire a drywall company to help us…

  • Before the kitchen walls arrive

    We last did electric work and got the San Francisco building inspector come in. They signed off an OK-to-close and now we’ve engaged a drywall company to do the rest of the work. Here’s before the drywall arrive. What you see here is where the sink and dishwasher will eventually be. There’s the sink drainage…

  • Demolition day for the kitchen

    Demolition day for the kitchen

    We have this really old wood stove chimney thing and we don’t have the stove itself. It’s been disused since the 80s we think. The plan is to have this removed so we can do a full kitchen remodel which involves: Remove unused chimney Remove wainscoting Remove old sink Remove wood floors We heard the…

  • Saying Goodbye to Our Old Chimney and Sink

    Saying Goodbye to Our Old Chimney and Sink

    This is how it looks like before we did our demolition. One of our top concerns was dust, a stubborn and inevitable by-product of any demolition process. To keep our living environment as clean as possible, we used heavy-duty plastic sheets to seal off the demolition area from the rest of the house. This acts…