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  • Mikkeller closes in SF

    What a pity. Mikkeller has such great variety and was always a fun place to be. I don’t know what has become of it during the pandemic unfortunately. MIKKELLER BAR SAN FRANCISCO CLOSES OCTOBER 2022 The gastropub in the heart of the Tenderloin, hosted many events and guests through the years with constant rotating draft […]

  • All Out SF on week of Oct 16

    If you’re free between October 16th and 23rd, 2022, do check out AllOutSF. Key highlights: Outdoors Day on Monday: Walk a portion or the entirety of the new SF Crosstown Trail on your own or with some of our special guests throughout the day. Small Business Day (Tuesday): Heading to these shops in Mission: The […]

  • Central Subway opens in November

    Well at least a soft opening is coming. I wished the Union Square Station is connected to the Powell Station without having to get out of the fare gate. SFMTA announces November 19 soft opening for long-awaited Central Subway Muni’s subway service extension between Chinatown and Mission Bay in San Francisco finally has an opening […]

  • Boba at Mission

    Really enjoyed boba tea at Mission District. This is the Ube Taro Latte with Oat Milk and Sea Salt Cream Top. Brew Cha is on 18th x San Carlos.

  • Rain season is here

    It’s been raining the whole day in San Francisco Bay Area. This is pretty unusual amount of rain! Remember the turn on the headlights when it’s raining. It’s not an option, it’s required by law to turn on your headlights when the visibility is low.

  • SF’s Downtown Rail Line Plan is now The Portal

    SF’s Downtown Rail Line Plan is now The Portal

    San Francisco’s planned Downtown Rail Extension, an expensive and controversial project that transit advocates view as a lynchpin for the region’s long-term needs, is set to be renamed “The Portal” when transit bosses meet next month. The proposed rail tunnel will connect Caltrain—and future high-speed trains—at 4th and King Street Station to the massive new […]

  • Sunday out at Saint Francis Fountain

    Pancakes and huevo rancheros. So sunny today and we are here for late brunch at 1 PM. St. Francis Fountain is located at 2801 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110. Right at the corner of 24th and the beautiful York Street.

  • Presidio Tunnel Top is opened!

    Presidio Tunnel Top is opened!

    This is the new park in the city. It connects the rest of Presidio to Crissy Fields.

  • Remodeling our back porch

    Remodeling our back porch

    We started on work to remodel our back porch to change out an out door. Really excited to get that in. Here’s the contractors adding flashing at the bottom of the door. We had to increase the floor height to fit the door we got. That caused us to lose some height for our cabinet. […]

  • Beautiful morning at Dolores Park

    Beautiful morning at Dolores Park

    So beautiful during a summer. We are here for a City Guides tour. We also took the opportunity to visit the original Mission that gave this part of town it’s name: It costs $7 to visit the location and I was too tired to enjoy it so we took some pictures from the outside. 320 […]