Judy Chicago in de young museum

Forever de Young: A Judy Chicago Performance started October 16, 2021, between 5:45 pm and 6 pm.

de Young Museum is located at 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118.

Judy Chicago is an American feminist artist, art educator, and writer known for her large collaborative art installation pieces about birth and creation images, which examine the role of women in history and culture.


Atlas Cafe at Alabama

Oh and every Saturday there’s Titans of Comedy at Atlas Cafe. Check out the next event on October 23.


Mission Block Party!

Noise Pop organized the Mission Block Party, it’s happening right now:

Love the music !

Waymo is here too.
Check out the Mission Block Party at this intersections.

Cute SFFD building

Caught this gem at Mission Rock. What a cute building!

San Francisco Fire Department

Fleet week in San Francisco

Fleet Week SF happened in Oct 9 and Oct 10 of 2021. It’s exciting to see them back again. We didn’t have it last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The highlights are Patriots Jets and Blue Angels. It’s amazing display of air supremacy and a visual treat. I gotta let my ears rest after this event.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Heart shape.
Watching Patriot Jets.
Patriot Jets

Walgreens to close 5 stores

The company said retail theft at its San Francisco stores has risen to five times the chain’s average.

“What I want people who commit these crimes to understand: your mother, your grandmother, your relatives, they depend on places like Walgreens and CVS and Targets where they have pharmacies to get their medications,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed said. “So, when these locations close in a community, then the entire community loses.”

Walgreens already closed nearly a dozen stores in the city over the past two years.

NBC Bay Area
Location of Stores ClosingClosing DatePrescription Transfer Location
2550 Ocean Ave.Nov. 81630 Ocean Ave.
4645 Mission St.Nov. 11965 Geneva St.
745 Clement St.Nov. 153601 California St.
300 Gough St.Nov. 152145 Market St.
3400 Cesar Chavez St.Nov. 172690 Mission St.

This saddens me. The municipal government needs to do more to protect these businesses. Businesses will do what is profitable for them. Getting robbed just isn’t good for business!

Mission district residents will be affected by the closure of the Walgreens at 3400 Cesar Chavez St.


Drywall mudding for the day

Initially we intended to do the drywall by ourselves when we have more of patching to do than full drywall work. Later we realized a lot of the plaster and lath we had are not in good condition due to the vibrations during various installations. We opted to hire a drywall company to help us through.

They did a really good job and we are very happy with the professional results.

Hired a drywall company to help us with the mudding and installation of the drywall.

This is when they applied a thinner coat of mud there.

The patches will become whiter once it is dried out.

Can’t wait to paint the walls once they come by to do sanding. The mud takes about a week to thoroughly dry and we opted to wait through the weekend. There’s really no rush anyway and we wanted them to take their time and do a good job.

We’ve been looking at Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select and Behr Marquee. Still can’t decide which to go with at this moment.

More updates to come.


Trip to Killiney Kopitiam

If you ever visited Singapore or are from Singapore, you’ll definitely heard of Killiney. It’s a pretty well-known chain of cafes from Singapore. Killiney Kopitiam opened an outlet in the Bay Area and serves popular Singapore dishes such as laksa, Hainanese pork chop rice and char kway teow (stirred fried flat noodles).

And yep that’s what we ordered.

Definitely one of the closest it can be for Singapore food. Pay them a visit if you’re curious.

Killiney Kopitiam is located at:

552 Waverley St
Palo Alto
CA 94301


Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Singapore

I’m sad that Mr. Holmes Bakehouse closed down during the pandemic. I can only assume the business became one of the many casualties of COVID-19. They are creators of these Instagramable cup cakes, definitely sad to see them gone from Larkin St.

Interestingly they are still in Singapore.

Find them at:

9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210

Daily: 8am – 8pm


Car used in Sept 19 Mission sideshow jailed

Sideshows have been a headache in Mission District. I’m glad the San Francisco Police Department is stepping up their game in deterring sideshows.

San Francisco police step up sideshow crackdown. The police towed away the car of a Pittsburg man after it was seen doing stunts.

The police towed away the car of a Pittsburg man, who they say took part in a sideshow in San Francisco last month.

The car was seen doing dangerous driving stunts on Sept. 19 in the Mission District.

Police say photos show the driver hanging out of the sunroof of his car, holding a traffic cone, while his car was doing donuts in the street.

Last week, a new law in California imposes a harsher punishment for those who participate in illegal sideshows by allowing courts to suspend a driver’s license for up to six months for participating in the illicit car stunt shows.

In the Bay Area, officers have been trying to aggressively intercept the stunt driving events, issuing fines, towing cars, and sometimes making arrests.

In Fairfield, spectators can be fined a $1,000 under a new city ordinance. Vallejo implemented a similar ordinance to curb what city’s leaders call “street terrorism.”

“They are spinning donuts, disrupting our citizens, throwing fireworks at our officers, throwing bottles, it’s been a problem,” said Vallejo Police Captain Jason Potts.


Another bill signed by Newsom, AB3, aims to crack down on sideshows and illegal street racing by allowing courts to issue driver’s license suspensions of up to six months in convictions. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

Sideshows tends to happen late at night when the screeching of tires aren’t welcomed. Also, they leave these crazy donut tire marks. If you need a hobby, I highly recommend fishkeeping and furnishing your aquarium.