Teeing Off at Subpar Miniature Golf

Tucked within the historic Ghirardelli Square, Subpar Miniature Golf offers a charmingly unique experience that’s distinctly Bay Area. Imagine putting your way through 18 holes of mini-golf that pays homage to the iconic sights of San Francisco. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!

From the moment we stepped into this indoor course, we were greeted by a microcosm of the city. Each hole is a playful tribute to the Bay Area, complete with miniature renditions of the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge. But it wasn’t just the grandeur of these landmarks that caught our eye – it was the adorable representation of the Painted Ladies. These miniaturized versions of San Francisco’s famed Victorian houses brought a touch of whimsy to our game, their colorful facades standing cheerily as we aimed for par.

Navigating through the course, you can’t help but smile at the clever design and thoughtfulness that’s gone into each hole. It’s a creative and engaging way to celebrate the spirit of the city.

As we tapped our golf balls through the twists and turns of this pint-sized San Francisco, the sense of joy was palpable. It’s not just a game here – it’s an adventure that captures the essence of the Bay Area. So whether you’re sinking a putt beneath the towers of the Bay Bridge or navigating the hilly incline of a mini Lombard Street, Subpar Miniature Golf is an experience that’s full of surprises and, most importantly, tons of fun.

For those looking for an entertaining and quirky way to spend an afternoon, Subpar Miniature Golf at Ghirardelli Square is a hole-in-one!