Rodeo Beach and Battery Townsley

Rodeo Beach, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is a picturesque spot known for its colorful pebble-strewn shore and popularity with surfers.

Battery Townsley, a mere half-mile hike up from Rodeo Beach, stands as a historical sentinel atop the rugged coastal cliffs. This WWII-era fortification was once the pinnacle of coastal defense technology, boasting massive guns that could launch projectiles 25 miles out to sea.

You can even see a small bit of Golden Gate Bridge from here.

The battery is accessible via a not-too-strenuous hike on the Coastal Trail, offering not only a history lesson but also panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding Headlands.

Battery Townsley visitors are welcomed on the first Sunday of every month from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, allowing for an immersive historical experience.