Property taxes in 2023

Owning a home in San Francisco, especially when it’s your primary residence, comes with its unique challenges, not least of which is grappling with property taxes. If you’re like me, the arrival of that annual tax bill can send stress levels soaring.

Ad Valorem Taxes

The assessed value is typically set at the purchase price when you buy your home. Annual increases are capped, which offers some predictability. Also, don’t overlook exemptions. As a primary residence, you’re entitled to certain exemptions that can lower your taxable amount, albeit slightly. Here’s what you expect to pay:

Countywide Tax (Secured)1.00000000
S.F. Bay Area Rapid Transit District Debt Service0.01340000
S.F. Community College District Debt Service0.01108630
City And County Of S.F. Debt Service0.11295032
S.F. Unified School District Debt Service0.04025720
Total Ad Valorem Taxes1.17769382

Direct Charges And Special Assessments

On top of this, there are Direct Charges for specific services like the San Francisco Bay Restoration or school parcel taxes. And Teacher Support comes from property taxes too.

46 – San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority12.00
89 – SFUSD Facilities District41.32
91 – SFCCD Parcel Tax99.00
98 – SFUSD – Teacher Support299.76
101 – School Parcel Tax Of 2020313.88
Total Direct Charges And Special Assessments765.96

With a bit of planning and understanding, you can navigate these waters more smoothly. Eventually these property taxes get passed on to renters as well. It’s an expensive city to live in!