Cruise Robotaxi Service Under Scrutiny

CBS reports General Motors’ self-driving robotaxi service, Cruise, is in the spotlight for the alleged cover-up of an accident in San Francisco. California regulators are considering imposing a $1.5 million fine after a Cruise vehicle was involved in an incident on October 2, striking a pedestrian who had already been hit by another car.

This comes amidst the California Public Utilities Commission’s investigation into whether Cruise misled officials about the accident’s aftermath. Documents filed recently call for a February 6 evidentiary hearing, which follows the service’s suspension by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, a significant setback for Cruise’s operations and future revenue projections.

I wonder if they have found the actual car that hit the pedestrian as well. I hope that car gets found soon.

In the meantime, I’ll be riding a Waymo.