Taqueria Vallarta reopening

Taqueria Vallarta, a cherished local eatery in the heart of our community, has recently reopened its doors in the Mission after a lengthy closure of over six months. The closure was linked to health department concerns, prompting the owners to undertake extensive cleaning.

Patrons of Vallarta have long praised the authenticity of its offerings, likening the experience to dining in a small Mexican town. The use of traditional cooking equipment, like the round plancha commonly seen in Mexican taquerias, adds to its charm. A standout feature for many has been the al pastor tacos, especially popular for their unique touch of grilled pineapples, a staple that we all dearly missed.

The prices still is holding at $4 per taco I think!

Taqueria Vallarta offers a taste of Mexico, yet differs from Oaxaca and Mérida‘s cuisines. Originating from distinct regions, Vallarta’s tacos echo central Mexico’s flavors, while Oaxaca and Mérida are known for unique ingredients and cooking techniques, reflecting their rich culinary heritage and regional diversity. These variations highlight Mexico’s vast gastronomic landscape.