End of an Era: Anchor Brewing

For 127 years, Anchor has been a symbol of brewing innovation and tradition. Its current state, segmented for sale in three parts, marks the end of an era for America’s original craft brewery.

The Sale Components

  • Real Estate: The Potrero Hill property, Anchor’s home since 1979, listed at $40 million, includes the main brewing facility and a taproom.
  • Brand and Intellectual Property: This includes Anchor’s recipes and over a dozen active trademarks, notably the “steam beer.”
  • Brewing Equipment: From modern canning lines to vintage copper kettles and open fermentation vats, the equipment forms a crucial part of the sale.

Formed by former Anchor employees, this group is eyeing just the intellectual property, estimated to sell for at least $2.5 million. Their plan involves potentially renting the brewing facility or relocating within San Francisco, accompanied by the purchase of new, smaller-scale brewing equipment.

More in SF Chronicle. This is definitely an end of an era. The brand will be missed!