Volunteers Mobilize for Recall Against Alameda DA Pamela Price

The recall campaign against Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price is gaining traction as volunteers and activists hit the streets of East Oakland on Sunday. Many of these volunteers have lost family members to gun violence and are deeply dissatisfied with Price’s criminal justice policies, which they claim prioritize criminals over victims.

James Burch, deputy director of The Anti Police-Terror Project, criticized the recall campaign, accusing it of leveraging people’s pain for political gains. Burch and other supporters contend that Price was elected to reform the justice system and should not be blamed for pre-existing crime rates.

Despite accusations that the recall campaign is Republican-driven, several people who signed the petition identified as Democrats. Lisa C., a 26-year resident of Oakland, stressed, “We need change in Oakland. This is the worst I have seen.”

Florence McCrary refuted the idea that the recall is a partisan issue: “It’s not about right or left; it’s about right and wrong.”

The campaign organizers aim to collect approximately 90,000 signatures before their deadline in March 2024.

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