Transforming our bedroom with new floating floors

When it comes to flooring, we had specific requirements in mind: durability, aesthetics, and compatibility with floor heating. Lifeproof checked all these boxes. Its engineered hardwood design means that it’s constructed to handle the daily wear and tear, while still maintaining the rich, authentic look of natural wood.

We start off with one corner of the door with a door and slowly build it up.

Installing this floating floor was remarkably straightforward. Ensuring that the sub floor was clean, dry, and level, we laid down the Lifeproof floating floor designed to work well with heated floors.

To make precise cuts for our flooring, we used both a circular saw and a jigsaw. While these tools did a fantastic job in the accuracy department, they also produced a considerable amount of sawdust and small debris. We use the Ridgid vacuum cleaner sucked up every last bit of sawdust in its path, ensuring that our new floor remained pristine throughout the installation process. We got the vacuum cleaner from Home Depot as well.

Here’s the nearly completed state.

The hardwood elevates the entire atmosphere of the room, bringing in warmth and sophistication that is both cozy and elegant. Walking into our master bedroom now feels like stepping into a luxurious sanctuary.