San Francisco’s Fleet week 2023

Thankfully the government shutdown is avoided. One of the most remarkable aspects of San Francisco Fleet Week is its Parade of Ships, hailed as the largest of its kind on the West Coast. Accompanied by the San Francisco Fire Department’s lead escort, a fireboat brilliantly shot jets of water into the air, offering an awe-inspiring display against the backdrop of the city’s skyline.

Besides the sheer grandeur of military ships and dazzling airborne shows, Fleet Week has a profound impact on San Francisco’s community and economy. Local businesses, ranging from cafes and bakeries to breweries and restaurants, often experience a surge in foot traffic, as both locals and tourists swarm the city to partake in the week’s events.

San Francisco’s Fleet Week serves as more than just a tribute to the nation’s military—it’s a celebration of American culture, community, and the unifying power of shared experiences. With each passing year, it continues to grow, rooted in tradition but always looking forward, exemplifying the ever-evolving spirit of the city it calls home.

2023 San Francisco Fleet Week Lineup Highlights

  • U.S. Navy Blue Angels: High-flying naval aviation display.
  • Blue Angels Fat Albert: Additional aerial spectacle from the Blue Angels team.
  • Navy Leap Frogs: Skydiving stunts from the Navy’s parachute team.
  • United 777: A civilian aircraft joins the aerial showcase.
  • Marine F-35B Demo: Advanced Marine Corps aviation with STOVL capabilities.
  • Ace Maker T-33: Historic aircraft aerobatics by Greg “Wired” Coyler.
  • Patriots Jet Team: Civilian aerobatic display.
  • Coast Guard Dual Demo: Versatile performance featuring helicopters and a C-27 aircraft.

This year’s Fleet Week in San Francisco promises a diverse and thrilling array of aerial performances.