A Visit to Manzanar, the WW2 Japanese Internment Site

Hey folks, if you’re ever in Inyo County, California, consider taking a detour to Manzanar. Far from being just another historical site, Manzanar serves as an eye-opening lesson on a darker chapter of American history. During World War II, this was one of the internment camps where Japanese Americans were unjustly confined.

Visiting Manzanar isn’t just about walking through an old camp; it’s an experience that deepens our understanding of civil liberties and challenges us to reflect on the consequences of fear and prejudice. While it’s a somber place to visit, the lessons you’ll walk away with are invaluable.

The Soul Consoling Tower, also known as the “Irei-to,” stands as a poignant symbol within Manzanar National Historic Site. Erected by internees, this Buddhist obelisk serves to commemorate those who died at the camp during World War II. It’s not just a physical monument, but a spiritual touchstone that invokes a sense of peace and reflection.

While the tower itself is modest in size, its emotional and historical weight is immense. It reminds visitors of the resilience and dignity of those who were unjustly interned, offering a space for consolation and reflection on the human cost of prejudice.

Visiting the Soul Consoling Tower adds another layer to the already compelling experience of Manzanar, making it a must-see for those looking to deepen their understanding of this complex chapter in American history.