London Breed pledges more police and safety measures

Really about time. It saddens me to hear about car burglaries and at popular tourist parking locations such as Lands End and Marina.

The mayor of San Francisco on Tuesday announced even more initiatives aimed at curbing open drug use, brazen home break-ins and other criminal behavior that she says have made a mockery of the city’s famed tolerance and compassion.

Mayor London Breed said at a news conference attended by the police chief and other public safety personnel that she would introduce legislation to allow law enforcement real-time access to surveillance video in certain situations and to make it harder for people to sell stolen goods.

John Hamasaki, a San Francisco police commissioner and defense lawyer who is highly critical of extra policing and surveillance, said Tuesday that taxpayer money is better spent on services, treatment and housing.

But Randy Shaw, executive director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which provides legal services and housing to low-income people, said more police patrols would deter dealers and make the neighborhood safer for residents. At the same time, he has heard the mayor’s promises before and seen little concrete action.

AP News

I’m conflicted on the point regarding taxpayer money better spent on treatment rather than policing. It’s a long term vs short term thing in my opinion. I do feel the long term solution of treatment is ultimately needed in San Francisco however brazen store robberies and car burglaries are happening in broad daylight. This is affecting safety and the possessions of residents and tourists right now. Trust and safety being in public spaces is something that takes years to build, we need to protect that as well.