Drywall mudding for the day

Initially we intended to do the drywall by ourselves when we have more of patching to do than full drywall work. Later we realized a lot of the plaster and lath we had are not in good condition due to the vibrations during various installations. We opted to hire a drywall company to help us through.

They did a really good job and we are very happy with the professional results.

Hired a drywall company to help us with the mudding and installation of the drywall.

This is when they applied a thinner coat of mud there.

The patches will become whiter once it is dried out.

Can’t wait to paint the walls once they come by to do sanding. The mud takes about a week to thoroughly dry and we opted to wait through the weekend. There’s really no rush anyway and we wanted them to take their time and do a good job.

We’ve been looking at Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select and Behr Marquee. Still can’t decide which to go with at this moment.

More updates to come.