Clinton Kane held at gunpoint in Marina

What a crazy experience it must’ve been.

A popular singer-songwriter and TikTok star, in town to shoot a music video and documentary for his new album, says he and his crew were held up at gunpoint and robbed of their gear.

He and two friends had just arrived in the city Friday afternoon. After parking in the Marina District for lunch, Kane says he noticed men breaking into his car and stealing $30,000 in equipment.

Kane joked he was never going to come back to San Francisco after this experience. He will though be back in the city on tour in December and says he plans not to bring anything expensive and reminds everyone not to keep valuables in the car.


Just want to quickly remind everyone not to put valuables in cars especially if they can be seen from the windows of the cars. I heard so many cases of cars being broken into. Some crimes just involve a broken window which will cost money to repair.

I’m surprised Kane’s car is broken into in Marina in broad daylight though. Marina is one of the safer neighborhoods. Stay guarded.