Before the kitchen walls arrive

We last did electric work and got the San Francisco building inspector come in. They signed off an OK-to-close and now we’ve engaged a drywall company to do the rest of the work.

Here’s before the drywall arrive. What you see here is where the sink and dishwasher will eventually be. There’s the sink drainage and the hot/cold water pipes. The yellow romex wires are receptacles for countertop and dishwasher.

Sink drainage and the hot/cold water pipes.

This are the studs and the window which will eventually be installed with walls and some insulation.

What’s remaining:

  1. (1/2 day) General insulation, we are using Rockwool
  2. (2 days) Drywall (fire resistant) goes up
  3. (2 days) Mudding and taping
  4. (2 days) Drying of mud
  5. (2 day) Patching and sanding