Demolition day for the kitchen

We have this really old wood stove chimney thing and we don’t have the stove itself. It’s been disused since the 80s we think. The plan is to have this removed so we can do a full kitchen remodel which involves:

  • Remove unused chimney
  • Remove wainscoting
  • Remove old sink
  • Remove wood floors
Anyone has these old-styled wood stove chimneys in San Francisco?

We heard the chimneys and wood stove were popular in the 70s but they have since been disused. We want to get back the space at the corner of the kitchen to have a better start for our kitchen remodel. We engaged some help as this chimney piece is really heavy.

The demolition folks from Santos Hauling are getting ready.

Oh the flooring, we love old wood floors but these have shown its age. We want to remove two layers to finally have the kitchen leveled with the hallway. One layer beneath is linoleum which isn’t too surprising I guess.

We had help taking out the poorly maintained kitchen wood floor.

Taking out the linoleum is a major operation as well.

What a day!