Saying Goodbye to Our Old Chimney and Sink

This is how it looks like before we did our demolition.

One of our top concerns was dust, a stubborn and inevitable by-product of any demolition process. To keep our living environment as clean as possible, we used heavy-duty plastic sheets to seal off the demolition area from the rest of the house. This acts as a barrier, preventing dust from spreading to other rooms.

Our hallway

We also cleared our hallway of any obstacles, relocating furniture and other belongings to make room for the demolition crew. This not only makes their job easier but also prevents any accidental damage to our belongings.

Perhaps once a charming feature, the old chimney had become more of a space-eater. It was dated and didn’t serve any functional purpose, making it a prime candidate for removal. Personally I hate looking at the weird corner.

As for the sink, it was old and no longer matched our interior aesthetics. Its removal is part of a broader plan to revamp the entire room.

Oh and we have these expose pipes. They look terrible and our hopes is to have this relocate behind the walls.